Tape Edge Machine Quality Selection

mattress tape edge machines are widely used in factories. With the development of technology, Customers only can buy mattress tape edge machine from offline or friend introduction before. But now we are search online now and compare purchases frequently. Author learned from ZIMLIN mattress machinery online customer service that most of the customers came up to ask for the mattress price. Of course, as the consumer’s first concern about the price of the product is understandable, but if you only ask how much the mattress is around, then you are a layman of others.
Different types tape edge machine
Mattress tape edge machine with two types, are respectively automatic mattress tape edge machine and semi-automatic mattress tape edge machine. They all with these function, such as sewing tape edge, table lift and head can be tilt. Just some differences in performance, productivity, size and parameters, and price. According to your own investment and mattress market, choose which mattress tape edge machine type is suitable for you. We usually abbreviation tape edge machine, and tape edge machine quality is certain relationship with the manufacturer.
Mattress tape edge machine price
The price is according to terms of performance, work efficiency and machine head. different price of tape edge machine can produce 10-15 mattress/hour and 15-20 mattress/hour depending on the model.
The sewing thickness is also different.
JK-T3 Mattress Tape Edge Machine price – 6000 usd dollars JK-T4 Automatic Mattress Tape Edge Machine price – 14000 usd dollars

High qulity tape edge machine
First, we must look at production efficiency. Secondly, what is brand of mechanical head ? Some brands of mechanical heads are unprofessional and often damaged. Mechanical head damage it means whole mechanical damage. so I would rather choose a little more expensive. before you buy a tape edge machine, it’s important that must fit in what your produce mattress size. Then what parts will be equipped with this machine. For example, ZIMLIN will be equipped with 300U needle, 4.2cm Binder and more than 10 kinds machinery parts.
Why choise ZIMLIN
Our company has nearly 10 years of history in the manufacture of mattress machines. And ZIMLIN with a good reputation at domestic and foreign. Especially, tape edge machinery is even more prominent in the industry. Our company with a strong production R & D team, we can assect customize some personalized equipment for customers. In addition, we also with excellent after-sales service, quickly and easily solve the worries of customers.